Wednesday 19 March 2014

Influence festival (@Karditsa)

Influence festival is an event that holds arts, creation and bike together. The festival took place in Karditsa town, at 8th-9th of March. It was quite good  as being for the first time.

I took part with a bike art construction, I had create in the past. The festival for me, was 3 days with full of cool friends and good vibration, great hosting, lot of painting from day to night and chill places. The 1st day I painted a local school with the help of Urban act. Then my pals Don40, Blaqk, Lelos and Uncle Chronis arrived and we made some wicked freestyles.
Pure fun!


more photos of the festival:
Bonelli Arte
Urban Act


Boohaha / DonForty + guests

 Boohaha / DonForty / Lelos

Friday 28 February 2014

petite rue

Hi you,

in this post you will see a brand new painting I did to a friends place. These old French style paintings are one of my favorites and as you see I'm using all the 1900 architecture style it used to be in France back then.

The owner of the house with his great aesthetic, made a very classy Mediterranean house. So, I was asked to paint a small part of wall of the house. My painting fit quite perfect for a reason. I don't try to find out... but I'm happy its that fresh. After painting the wall, my friend create this very nice golden frame.


Saturday 22 February 2014

"become a monster" w/ DonForty


The last years and also back from the past, abandoned areas were the caves of the artists. Where they could paint without anyone teasing their minds. These are the places where you can become a real monster and create monstrous arts.

This painting session, it was about to be a fast one. I don't know how things turned out but we finally painted this BIG wall (almost 5x16m) in 5 hours. Very enjoyable painting with my pal Don Forty. Acrylics and brushes going big.



the wall

Wednesday 19 February 2014

surf poncho design

Hello sunny happy people.

Winter period is perfect time for surfing. But also, winter period is cold too. So one of the surfer's must have, in winter, is a surf Poncho.

One of the surf poncho makers in Greece is Valia. After I saw her designs I got stoked and really wanted to get one for myself. Then I thought, I could make a design myself, a unique one. Valia agreed with that and we came up to a very nice collaboration.

Check out my design and the wonderful work Valia did.


check out Valia's work here !

Wednesday 12 February 2014

hombre w/ Blaqk, Don40

Hello people,

Lets meet another ghost place that I painted with Simek / Greg Papagrigoriou (blaqk) and DonForty. A hidden old home somewhere in the fields. I have noticed this spot long time ago and before some weeks we hit it with this gnarly freestyle painting. I love these desert places for action, even more when friends are in to it!
Enjoy this collaboration and mix of styles.
Worth it!


Monday 10 February 2014

Obsession wall w/ Don40 & Dimitris Dokos

Hello there...
Last weekend I had a nice painting session with Don40 & Dimitris Dokos. Just as we are, 3 artists with different styles and painting technics in the same obsession. That was all about!
Check out this freestyle desperado I painted on the wall. I used aerosol cans for the fill in and acrylics (brush) for the outlines. Hope you love it.. more soon to come.