Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Vinsanto creep!

Summer in santorini... 2010... the sunset...

ok lets get serious now...

and have some creepy style characters straight from santorini! The place is some friends backyard mini ramp(f*** great) handmade by themselves!
Great work!

Almost ready!

Sk8 4 life!

Some of it i did during the summertime and the rest in October during the October sessions! The walls were dirty but quite ready for some fresh creepy 80's skate style! Just great!

Eat that kid!

Thanks to the Tonga crew and the santo basement... plus Spiro Ballonia for the pics! I'll post some pictures the next days from a night skate session during summer....

Just great!

Stay tuned!!!

Friday, 11 February 2011

Fuck authority

I know that sounds like Pennywise to all of you punk rockers and to tell the truth this is my inspiration cause bands like Bad Religion, Pennywise, The Descendents and all that punk rock mentality that kept us alive till now, is still in our hearts and keep going... So...

This is the "Fuck Authority" deck(6'1) and my 2nd video edit as well.
I draw it during December 2010 for my friend Lookas and Cohete surfboards.
The only material i used is Posca markers.

I filmed it with a simple digital camera and edited in Adobe Premier and Adobe after effects by myself and a little bit of help of irineo b.

The song is from friends Greek hxc/punk band called My turn.

My turn - Eyesky
Noble Intensions Demo


Honey death

Honey death deck... sick and sweet same time.
Name chosen from P. Vlachos from Mastoraioi crew...
I think fits quite well! So...

This is a 7'4 board design i did for Cohete surfboards during December of 2010. The materials i used are stencil cuts, spray paints, airbrush and posca markers.

I filmed it with a simple digital camera and shot it with nikon d40.
Edited in Adobe Premier by myself. Also i remixed "Mr.Dibbs - Chaos1" track for the needs of the video.

Hope you lov' it!

Stay tuned!!!

Life and hen

I am sure you will wonder what the hell is that title talking about... but this thing is real! Actually is an expression people use in greece and it means in a few words, "good living"...

So... they asked me to design a logo with this expression and as you understand i had to create a a chicken character or maybe more!

Here are the results!

Chicken stylie!

Life and hen...
detail 1

detail 2

Summer days

There is a wonderful day outside and really reminds me of a sequence in Aigina of Summer 2010. Painting with friends a wall next to the sea... get burnt by the sun and immediately jump into the sea to get coool!

For those who don't know... Aigina is a small island near Athens at Saronikos gulf. Nice and easy for a quick chill out!

Protagonists of that trip was Jone(the one that organized it), Lune82, Othes, Muchacho, Greg Pap., Don40 and me! 

It was 2 days of chilling at the beach, spraying day-night... drinking beers, laughs and an extra good vibration from everyone!

BHH surfing Aigina!

The wall!

Thanks to the guys from Aigina that made it happen and i can't wait for the 2011 tour...Stay Cool!


Tuesday, 1 February 2011

We are on "war"... get ready!

Hello there...
Let's have a wonderful massive month what with the "war" and all going in to our neighboring countries.

On this occasion take a bite of a board that is ready for war... exclusively made for a friend from Crete.(Tas)
I designed it some years ago and as it seems is timeless!

So ladies n gents load your guns and get ready!!!
Waves are coming...