Wednesday, 26 October 2011


* see + hear = seear

A project with picture and sound same time based on words that you express. A great idea and a great combination of arts that ends up with an exhibition at a very cool place... Vrysaki (17 Vrysakiou, Plaka)!

"SEEAR playground
Το SEEAR project επιστρέφει για δεύτερη χρονιά και σας προσκαλεί να παίξετε!
33 εικαστικοί και μουσικοί ρώτησαν τον κόσμο για το αγαπημένο του παιχνίδι από την παιδική του ηλικία. 19 παιχνίδια μεταρέπονται σε οπτικοακουστικά έργα και παρουσιάζονται σε μια interactive έκθεση 11 με 13 Νοεμβρίου στο Βρυσάκι, Βρυσακίου 17, Πλάκα.
Party εγκαινίων την Παρασκευή 11 Νοεμβρίου στις 20.00.
Είσοδος ελεύθερη.

I take part as well but the thing is that i wont be at the opening of the exhibition cause i'm out of Greece for some weeks... hope you join it and have fun at the party with the support of Absolut Vodka.

Don't miss that...

For more information check the seear site:

Montana - Remap 3

Hello there... i got some great news to announce...

First of all the Remap 3 project that i took part with APSET, RTMone & SIVE in Metaksourgio (Athens) and the Montana sponsorship we got for that!

Anneta Papadatou(curator) worked really hard to make things happen and with the help of Vamialis gallery the "REACH THE SKY" project got its best...

I don't intend to talk enough... check out on your own and read the article in the Montana site for more info and photos!

In the near future i'll post video, photos and a complete article about "REACH THE SKY" and the making of... of course!!!

...till then have fun!!!


Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Shoubie Doo

The official Shoubilicious van is on the streets and rolling like a bad ass mofo...
The story is simple and goes like this... Alex called me one day in order to customize his tiny van. A Subaru 4WD!!! You know i' m always on time for projects like that. We arranged everything for a smooth and chill evening paint session. Beers, music and fun... that was that day and that is what the Shoubie Doo van is all about...

Check out the Shoubilicious blog!

Beware, cause Shoubie Doo maybe is rolling in your neighborhood...



detail 1
detail 2

detail 3

the other side


Here comes a brand new Party in town with Alejandro Cruss & Brandon Heat... a.k.a Blow my Mind and also their brand new logo and 1st poster... by boohaha!

The thing is totally groovy and slightly spicy... check out the artwork and join the party!!!

the team logo


the poster

poster detail

additional illustration

Monday, 24 October 2011

2 in the price of 1

If you had the chance to paint surfboards all day... how would you feel?

I don't know about you but i feel great with this double surfboard paint job in one day! Is like taking 2 in the price of 1... good deal! the 1st was for a friend and musician as well Mr. D red (his old nickname). He asked me to paint a music theme with such good musicians in it and a style like sticker bomb in black and white... only! I used some of the musicians i like and i got in the groove...

Nina Simone
John Coltrane
Jimmi Hedrix
Syd Barrett

...the 2nd was for Bill the Glyts... a kitesurfer and surfer as well... rolling for something more aggressive and stylus! Hard lines, cubes, black n' white with almost phosphorescent green trying to jump of the deck and crash the water...

Both of the decks are straight from Cohete surfboards.

side A


detail 2

Jägermeister (5th Athens Iinternationl Tattoo convention)

In may 2011 i had a touch with Jägermeister about some shows they wanted to do during the 5th Athens International Tattoo convention . The whole show took part in Faliro(Athens) 13-14-15 of may. 

Jägermeister was needed 2 shows in 1 day... and that was a bit heavy... anyway we started with the 1st show, that was graffiti with insane, a young and promising artist! Take a look...

boys in action
boys in action2

The 2nd show was indoor and the case was that i had to paint 6 small canvases in a fast mode cause the time was short. I started painting all the canvases same time and mixing almost everything. After some jage shots and hard work the canvases were a done deal... check!


tiki wild
flavours favourite
rock it!

Friday, 14 October 2011

Illusion board

Great friend and surfer himself Spiro got a surprise about 2 months ago. A new(semi-used) board and a quite fresh graphic by his beloved artist... Boohaha!(hahaha)

The theme was something like Escher's illusions plus some more aggressive shapes and patterns which some of them are tattooed on Spiros body. So i collected these shapes secretly and i remake them in order to make up this very nice suprise!!!

Spiros owns two skateshops (Slut boardshop) with his brother Nick and he is in the scene for many years helping things happen and pushing the limits. This year was a celebration year for Slut boardshop and the 2 bros, as they stepped on their 1st decade as Slut boardshop.

Surf's up Spiro...

work in progress

work in progress 1

side A

side B

detail 1
detail 2

detail 3

Fly babies

Quite fresh... and ready to fly!!!

I was asked to illustrate two baby planes for the baptism of two wonderful babies. I had to be really fast... so i did! I would like to put some more details but time pressure didn't let me so.

Anyway, get on and fly, baby...

the sketch
the fly babies

detail 1

detail 2