Monday, 21 May 2012

Cohete surfboards logos

Hello people

This is an introduction for a series of logos i designed for Cohete Surfboards. All these logos come from a long full of time and represent some of the work i did  for the company the last 8 years. A whole of board model logos, cohete surfboards prototype logo and authenticity logo here posted below.

Do your check out:


C S logo
4 quad shake logo

5ft ripper logo

all around magic logo

all around magic pro logo

Acid - aam pro logo
Mellow trim logo
Chris A logo

Fatty stoke logo

Butter snap logo
Dead longboard series logo

Dead longboard series logo - color

Homie logo

Red eye logo

Cohete OSI logo

SHARE exhibition

dates: 16/5 - 26/6/2012
Opening: WEDNESDAY 16 MAY, 21:30
@ HOXTON, Βουτάδων 42, Γκάζι, Αθήνα

…a word with several meanings and at the same time an opposite point of view of our era.
With this word, 5 artists… Lune, Simek, Don40, Boohaha and Greg Papagrigiriou come together in the SHάRE exhibition with different personal styles, so as to join their ideas, techniques, materials and show to the public what can be achieved through collaboration, leaving behind all kinds of individualism and pointless selfishness.

contact mail: