Thursday, 22 March 2012

Uncle Chronis

Hello everyone,

 i'am delighted to announce the arrival of Uncle Chronis tattoo studio! Uncle Chronis is many years in the piercing and tattoo scene and as far as i know him is a great dude and quite professional in his work. For some months now i work on his graphics and truly, is a very cool guy to co-operate!!!

Uncle C. needed something nice to cover the reception of his studio and after some talk about we decided to have something handmade. So i made the sketch and everything rolled...

Check out the sketch and the final work with its details.

Uncle Chronis:


Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Rolling Fellows live @ Anthrwpos bar

As this weird winter passed by... the Rolling Fellows are coming up with a fresh and fully summer vibe gig @ Anthrwpos bar ! Of course the new poster is on and full psyched for this summer explosion that is about to come!!!

Check the poster, some details and a typographic attempt that finally i didn't use it...


the poster

detail 1
detail 2

detail 3
detail 4

just a typographic attempt

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Ascona project 23

Good morning people...
feeling heavy today??? I think you should... cause today's post is gonna rock you!

... and the story goes like this.
"I have been with my hommie Alex, on a trip to Ancient Olympia - Peloponnese for some days. Ancient Olympia is a quiet country place where not much stuff are going on. And that was the time when  we met with Jim (another cool friend) ! Jim and the AO crew, buys almost dead cars, tune them a bit and then they drift them till death. The cost of them is really low so they can break down a car even in one day!!!"

Happy to be there... i bought some shitty spray cans and paint it as hardcore as it gets...

This is the "Ascona Project 23" make up and photo session.
All yours...

in action 
in action 2

oh yeah!


back - thrashin since ever..

side a

side b
top view
detail 1

Alex - Jim