Welcome everyone to the new media section of Boohahart!

A page that will hold all of my work in videos and animated staff.

As you will see... i film and edit my work and also the music that i use is from friendly and underground bands and some tunes i make myself.

Though you are going to enjoy experimental music and jam sessions with friends...


FUN ≠ ΖΩΗ (Athens Bikefest vol. 3)

Enjoy my NEW stop motion video which is the "rebirth" of a brand new canvas that I painted for Athens Bike Festival vol.3.

Animation: Boohaha!, Natasa Spinth
Music: Emi Path


ResponsibALL' Day w/ Boohaha (@ Pernod Ricard)
This is a painting video, for a wall I designed on May of 2013 for Pernod Ricard's event "ResponsibALL' Day". 3 Days in total...

Filming: Michael Con
Editing: Boohaha! / Michael Con



Pura Vida Tienda 
Just a short, stop motion animation for a tent art. Only Black paint on a "silver" tent. Shots with Nikon D40 and edit in Premier.


Painters: Boohaha!, Greg Papagrigoriou
Film: Boohaha!, Greg Papagrigoriou, Natasa Spinth
Edit: Boohaha!, Natasa Spinth



This is a quick stop motion including Simek One and Boohaha! painting a collaboration wall.. "The Fox".


Howdy deck - surfboard art (the great collaboration)
Here comes another custom creation of surfboard art for Cohete surfboards by Boohaha!

The graphic of this deck stems from a story i was told from Kostas(the owner of this deck) after a trip he had in U.S.! After long talking and working on the idea with Kostas we ended up like this.
So when i started painting the board i shot the action in order to make a stop motion video. Then i had the idea of making the music for the video and after getting the basic idea of the track i passed Kostas story to SD musical compositions and started this great collaboration of picture and sound. Recording for days with SD and Panagiotis Vlachos (Mastorei crew) we got what we need. Lotta thanx to Sotos(SoBa) who mixed and mastered the track from the far away Netherlands!!!

... as the story ends i have to tell you that collaborations between us is what is gonna keep us united and strong to make BIG staff in this universal madness... stop the hates and get together as 1!!!



Red eye - surfboard art 
This is just another surfboard art I created for my new deck, Red eye model (Cohete surfboards). Materials in use are only posca markers and shot with Nikon D40! Edit in Adobe premier.

Video : Boohaha!
Music : Guru Jazzmatazz - Medicine




Flower trip - surfboard art 
Another surfboard art from Boohaha! for Cohete surfboards.
Materials in use are only posca markers and shot with Nikon D40!
Edit in Adobe premier.

Video and music edit: Boohaha! / Djazz




2 New video edits

Hello people...
watch out my new video edits...

one for my friendly crew use + Greg Papagrigoriou for their upcoming exhibition "COLOURS WITHIN EXHIBITION". Don40, Elz, Lune, Tensa, Tek, Simek, Skerz, Urid & Greg Papagrigoriou are the featured artists with really good stuff to show such as sculpturing, canvases, photography and many many more!!!

Edit: Boohaha!
Music: Elz (Vhta Peis)

The video is a panic slide of pictures edited and effected in Adobe premier and After effects...

...and another one for Don40, Simek & Greg Papagrigoriou rocking Terra Nueva project. A real stop motion film edited in Adobe premier.

Edit: Boohaha!
Music: Guts - Trouble in France


Honey death

Honey death deck... sick and sweet same time.
Name chosen from P. Vlachos from Mastoraioi crew...
I think fits quite well! So...

This is a 7'4 board design i did for Cohete surfboards during December of 2010. The materials i used are stencil cuts, spray paints, airbrush and posca markers.

I filmed it with a simple digital camera and shot it with nikon d40.
Edited in Adobe Premier by myself. Also i remixed "Mr.Dibbs - Chaos1" track for the needs of the video.

Hope you lov' it!

Stay tuned!!!


Fuck authority

I know that sounds like Pennywise to all of you punk rockers and to tell the truth this is my inspiration cause bands like Bad Religion, Pennywise, The Descendents and all that punk rock mentality that kept us alive till now is still in our hearts and keep going... So...

This is the "Fuck Authority" deck(6'1) and my 2nd video edit as well.
I draw it during December 2010 for my friend Lookas and Cohete surfboards.
The only material i used is Posca markers.

I filmed it with a simple digital camera and edited in Adobe Premier and Adobe after effects by myself and a little bit of help of irineo b.

The song is from friends Greek hxc/punk band called My turn.

My turn - Eyesky
Noble Intensions Demo



nature's finest musicians

This is a preview of a backyard paint job I did at the Rolling Fellows rehearsal studio! This old wood surface was just the best canvas for this cute bird...

A video edit only with photos which i took with my Nikon D40 and a fast edit at iMovie!


Artist: Boohaha!
Music: Rolling Fellows - Kasparov Jam



Custom Digipak-packaging
(Sotos Bakas-OdysseyEP) 

This is a video for the process of a custom digipak template design and packaging i made for Sotos Bakas new ep "Odyssey". I also shot the photos and designed the artwork of the album!

stay tuned
and enjoy!


Mintone / Lune82 / Boohaha! 

This is a quick stop motion edit from back in time (2012) at a school in Kipseli, Athens. Boohaha!, Lune82 and Mint one in a two days action.


Boohaha! (
Lune82 (
Mint one



 3D reel (2004)
This is my final reel for my 3d animation studies... back in 2004!!!