Monday, 14 March 2011

Acid Days (back in '04)

Hello people...

This time i post a canvas i drew back in 2004 for a close friend (Natty)! She asked for a psychedelic theme with mushroom.... so i did!

I used water-based colors and a black marker on paper. Behind the paper, i cut out the wood as a design for the whole canvas thing. With the feeling of 60's-70's always loved styles and some art nouveau combination!

Still psycho!

Boohaha's psyched

Something to Read - Somethings you Need to Know _ TYS Fanzine #4

It's out and it's absolutely "posi", mofos!

The Brand New Issue of Take Your Shot Hardcore Fanzine is circulating in record shops, live concerts, punk-HxC mail-orders and underground scenes with the cost of 2 € (not even the cost of it)! A fanzine with lot of positive hardcore, great interviews from all over the world, fair critics and articles...

Made especially by my homie Fotis Patikas in a truly oldschool/manual style... an original cut n' paste collage fanzine for your eyes and pleasure only!!!

In this issue i offered TYS with some neat graphics. The title on the cover and a TxYxS throw up on the inlay plus some ideas and technical solutions.

You can contact TYS and say what's up at the following address:

Beware... new things are coming! You see... the hardcore scene gets united more n' more day by day!

Stay tuned!!!

The cover
Fast n' Rough logo cover
TYS throwie

Take a bite from the insides...

Go get it!