Wednesday, 13 April 2011

SD Musical Compositions

Hello music people...

take a bite of a new logo i created for SD musical compositions. A totally southern music logo that reminds an old flavored whiskey. I also designed the blog profile and shot pictures of the home studio and the special equipments in it!

Some words about SD...

SD is the man... working on Musical Compositions, Orchestration, Acoustics, Technical Support and many many more which you can check at his profile blog. As a great musician with many fresh and well based ideas, is also a very cool guy and a great skater too. Skating together so many years and jamming the last 3, i realized that except for the fun and all is a great man to work with.

Stay tuned and beware for our latest collaboration in my new video!!!
Check out his musical skills and services...


the logo

logo detail
just a bite!