Monday, 30 May 2011

2 New video edits

Hello people...
watch out my new video edits...

one for my friendly crew U.S.E. + Greg Papagrigoriou for their upcoming exhibition "COLOURS WITHIN EXHIBITION". Don40, Elz, Lune, Tensa, Tek, Simek, Skerz, Urid & Greg Papagrigoriou are the featured artists with really good stuff to show such as sculpturing, canvases, photography and many many more!!!

Edit: Boohaha!
Music: Elz (Vhta Peis)

The video is a panic slide of pictures edited and effected in Adobe premier and After effects...

...and another one for Don40, Simek & Greg Papagrigoriou rocking Terra Nueva project. A real stop motion film edited in Adobe premier.

Edit: Boohaha!
Music: Guts - Trouble in France

Monday, 16 May 2011

Terra Nueva project (may)

Space Bandits the name of this work i did before 2 weeks in Terra Petra(Petroupoli).

Terra Petra is a bar - chill out place on top of Petroupolis hill with nice and chill view. In Terra Petra is taking place a project called "Terra Nueva project" created by a group of designers called "Sereal designers". The project goes like that... month by month many artists are hosting the place with creations from photography to constructions! There are 3 stages and 6 artists every month, showing their work!

The time i got that call to paint for this project, l was full of work so i had to make it up. I chose the day but not the time... because of the spray paint i had to do it in late night high! So i started at 1 o'clock till 8 in the morning. Hard!

Anyway... you can check out my work on the wall... is gonna be there till the end of this month... so take a bite!!! 

Just to know: This 6 month project is gonna end at the end of August!

Space Bandits