Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Berlin (Helloween - Beer)

Here I come again with 2 walls i painted in Berlin during October - November! Nice weather and cool times with Jone,  Send and some other dudes out there where we joined the walls!!!

Halloween(helloweed) wall

Jone + Boohaha!

detail 2

Beer wall

Γεια μας!


detail 2
Jone, Send, Boohaha!


Germany vs Netherlands

Photos from my double set trip to Berlin (Germany) and Hilversum (Netherlands)!!!


Thursday, 17 November 2011

Rolling Fellows (band)

Hello people

coming up once again with some music stuff... a logo, a poster and a promo video!

The band is called Rolling Fellows and just to know i do vocals and also play the harmonica in this band. The music we play is a trippy jam around funk, jazz, blues, soul and a bit of reggae! That' s why i designed the logo and the style of the poster with such aesthetic.

So as we are ready for the winter sessions we start with a gig like this...

Rolling Fellows live // Health Charity Purpose.

"After a great summer, with 2 live gigs and many jams, we roll again for a live gig for a charity purpose. To raise money for an 8-month baby girl who fights for the life!
Rolling Fellows always perform for what they love and worship. So we are waiting for you at a social center in Eleusina, Attika, this Friday 18-11-2011, to make this funk-ing come true!! "

the sketch

the logo

the poster

players are...
Boohaha: harmonica, vocals
Stelios: bass
Pan. Vlachos: quitar
Ganjes: quitar, vocals
Georg: drums

...stay tuned cause the Rolling Fellows are ready for BIG stuff!!!