Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Jagermeister christmass tree 2014

Hello there...

I had another collaboration this year with Jagermeister Greece. The concept we are working on, is to construct creative deco for the beloved bars of Jagermeister in Athens city, Greece. Roloi bar is one of them and got its new Christmas tree from Jagerneister and Boohaha in this continuous collaboration. 90 bottles on 9 levels with 10m light and a collectable jagermeister box on top.

Cheers to everybody... Have a great Christmas time.

Friday, 20 December 2013

Death Note surfboard art

Hello there...

I got a new surfboard art for all the Manga freaks...

This is a brand New cohete surfboard I painted custom. The main theme on this painting, comes from the Death Note (manga) series and comics. During my talk with my customer, I had to choose one of the characters of Death Note. I chose the most weird... this wicked and sensitive monster, the "Ryuk" who loves apples. I had also to write on the board the lyrics of the theme song of the movie in Japanese(!?). That was quite harmful to tell the truth, because is the first time I write something in Japanese.

I love comics and animated stuff, but i' m not that into manga style and especially that kind of manga. No matter what, this graphic was just another experimental take with mixed media and strange(first time) techniques on the process.



final top
final bottom


the book-close up