Thursday, 14 February 2013

1 year anniversarry for Uncle Chronis

Uncle Chronis is celebrating his 1st year anniversary as a tattoo & body piercing shop. Chronis, the owner of the place (and a very good old friend) wanted a 70's psychedelic rock cover style for this anniversary poster presenting him and his crew ... my pleasure!!!

Congratulations Chronis for your patience and your great work... Keep it up!

enjoy &
check out


the poster


Type detail

Pantelis & Uncle Chronis
Nas Missluck

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Rolling Fellows live poster (Tom and Jerry)


check out this poster i created for my bands gig. We played in a bar that is called Tom & Jerry based in Vrilissia / Athens. So.. I knew it from the start... Tom & Jerry would be my characters in this poster! My first thoughts about this poster were way wicked but the time was pushing and I kept more classic, just redesigning those fellows!!!


the poster
acid fellows