Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Howdy deck - surfboard art (the great collaboration)

Here comes another custom creation of surfboard art for Cohete surfboards by Boohaha!

The graphic of this deck stems from a story i was told from Kostas (the owner of this deck) after a trip he had in U.S.! After long talking and working on the idea with Kostas, we ended up like this.
So when i started painting the board i shot the action in order to make a stop motion video. Then i had the idea of making the music for the video and after getting the basic idea of the track, i told Kostas story to SD musical compositions and started this great collaboration of picture and sound. Recording for days with SD and Panagiotis Vlachos (Mastorei crew) we got what we need. Lotta thanx to Sotos(SoBa) who mixed and mastered the track from the far away Netherlands!!!

... as the story ends  i have to tell you that collaborations between us is what is gonna keep us united and strong to make BIG stuff in this universal madness... stop the hates and get together as 1!!!