Monday, 24 October 2011

2 in the price of 1

If you had the chance to paint surfboards all day... how would you feel?

I don't know about you but i feel great with this double surfboard paint job in one day! Is like taking 2 in the price of 1... good deal! the 1st was for a friend and musician as well Mr. D red (his old nickname). He asked me to paint a music theme with such good musicians in it and a style like sticker bomb in black and white... only! I used some of the musicians i like and i got in the groove...

Nina Simone
John Coltrane
Jimmi Hedrix
Syd Barrett

...the 2nd was for Bill the Glyts... a kitesurfer and surfer as well... rolling for something more aggressive and stylus! Hard lines, cubes, black n' white with almost phosphorescent green trying to jump of the deck and crash the water...

Both of the decks are straight from Cohete surfboards.

side A


detail 2

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