Friday, 14 October 2011

Illusion board

Great friend and surfer himself Spiro got a surprise about 2 months ago. A new(semi-used) board and a quite fresh graphic by his beloved artist... Boohaha!(hahaha)

The theme was something like Escher's illusions plus some more aggressive shapes and patterns which some of them are tattooed on Spiros body. So i collected these shapes secretly and i remake them in order to make up this very nice suprise!!!

Spiros owns two skateshops (Slut boardshop) with his brother Nick and he is in the scene for many years helping things happen and pushing the limits. This year was a celebration year for Slut boardshop and the 2 bros, as they stepped on their 1st decade as Slut boardshop.

Surf's up Spiro...

work in progress

work in progress 1

side A

side B

detail 1
detail 2

detail 3

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