Friday, 14 October 2011

T-shirt design - Take Your Shot fanzine

This is a t-shirt I designed for my pal Fotis TYS's hardcore/metal fanzine.  We've been working together many times in the past, since the zine's inception in 2004 (graphics, logos, graffiti's etc). In the summer of 2011, Fotis had the idea of making the first ever TYS T shirt and came to me, looking for something which would be a cross between classic hardcore imagery, but with a funny twist. 

Everything came out with a fast sketch and moved on with hard work on Adobe Illustrator. There were some suggestions about the colors but after all we ended up using 2 colors... nice and easy!!!

Here is what Fotis has to say about the idea behind the zine:

"For this first TYS tee, I wanted to have an image that would be clean cut, positive and recognizable. I wanted to make a parody of that old school Hare Krishna imagery found in early albums of  hardcore bands like Cro-Mags and Shelter. Therefore, I picked Ganesh, the elephant god from Hindu religion. Jim had the idea to design the whole thing from scratch, which was awesome. I also asked Jim to design the X on the elephants fist in order to represent straight edge. The underlining title "chiller than most" is a line from the zine, and captures the positive values that I want TYS to represent, about keeping a cool head amidst the chaos."

So... here is the progression of the design and the whole procedure from the first sketch to the final printed t-shirt.

the sketch

2 color print

3 color print
ready made

ready made color 2

detail on print

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