Thursday, 17 November 2011

Rolling Fellows (band)

Hello people

coming up once again with some music stuff... a logo, a poster and a promo video!

The band is called Rolling Fellows and just to know i do vocals and also play the harmonica in this band. The music we play is a trippy jam around funk, jazz, blues, soul and a bit of reggae! That' s why i designed the logo and the style of the poster with such aesthetic.

So as we are ready for the winter sessions we start with a gig like this...

Rolling Fellows live // Health Charity Purpose.

"After a great summer, with 2 live gigs and many jams, we roll again for a live gig for a charity purpose. To raise money for an 8-month baby girl who fights for the life!
Rolling Fellows always perform for what they love and worship. So we are waiting for you at a social center in Eleusina, Attika, this Friday 18-11-2011, to make this funk-ing come true!! "

the sketch

the logo

the poster

players are...
Boohaha: harmonica, vocals
Stelios: bass
Pan. Vlachos: quitar
Ganjes: quitar, vocals
Georg: drums

...stay tuned cause the Rolling Fellows are ready for BIG stuff!!!


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