Saturday, 10 March 2012

Ascona project 23

Good morning people...
feeling heavy today??? I think you should... cause today's post is gonna rock you!

... and the story goes like this.
"I have been with my hommie Alex, on a trip to Ancient Olympia - Peloponnese for some days. Ancient Olympia is a quiet country place where not much stuff are going on. And that was the time when  we met with Jim (another cool friend) ! Jim and the AO crew, buys almost dead cars, tune them a bit and then they drift them till death. The cost of them is really low so they can break down a car even in one day!!!"

Happy to be there... i bought some shitty spray cans and paint it as hardcore as it gets...

This is the "Ascona Project 23" make up and photo session.
All yours...

in action 
in action 2

oh yeah!


back - thrashin since ever..

side a

side b
top view
detail 1

Alex - Jim