Monday, 10 September 2012

Sotos Bakas - Odyssey (EP)

...welcome back people from this insane summertime session! I hope everyone had a great time too!

The real "payback" is here with the first of winters post... and my special guest is "Sotos Bakas"!! Sotos realesed his first solo EP as a result of many years of action through music. I had the great opportunity to work with him on the artwork of "Odyssey" EP and by extension his profile, website etch. A quite attentive work from both sides!

Sotos gave me the green light to create... so i shot the photos, work hard on Abode photoshop-Adobe illustrator, create a unique template for the packaging and custom packaging for limited edition copies!!!

some words from Sotos...
"I am happy to announce you that i just released my first solo EP album called ”Odyssey”, including 4 original compositions of mine.
Working on this for the last 6 months, i managed to do the composition, production, recordings and mixing for all the songs at my home studio in Netherlands."

...I think i wrote to much, and as we already know... action is way more than words!

click these and enjoy!!!

---> Sotos Bakas website 
---> facebook page
---> S. Bakas in soundcloud


Digipak cover

Digipak inlay
booklet p. 1-2
booklet p. 3-4

booklet p. 5-6

booklet cover

preview 1

preview 2

preview 3
preview 4

preview 5

preview 6

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