Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Acid - surfboard art

It's a long time I had paint this Cohete mini malibu surfboard. Almost 4 years!

I thought it was good to get out of the box and get exposed. This model is the "All Around Magic Pro". A progression of the classic malibu "All Around Magic"(AAM) of Cohete surfboards.  I redesigned the template of AAM in the search of progression.

The graphic i wanted for this board was something completely lost. Like an old Acid rock Vinyl cover. The space Odyssey of surf. Something really wicked and tripy same time. I designed all the logos in AI in a psychedelic symmetrical way. The space environment was painted freehand with a crappy airbrush and the white lights with stencil cuts.

Good to mention that it was my first attempt of using freehand an airbrush!!! 
Get tripy whippy and enjoy !!!


Acid Logo
AAM pro logo
Up side

Down side

AAM pro logo on board
detail 1
detail 2
detail 3
detail 4

detail 5


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