Tuesday, 19 November 2013

FUN ≠ ΖΩΗ (Athens Bikefest vol. 3)

Hello people,

This wonderful post contains 2 different meanings, in one whole project under one positive vibration.

All this, has to take out for Athens Bike festival v.3, that took place at Texnopolis / Gazi, as every year. It's not something constructive this time but a common canvas that I painted. But the thing with this canvas is that you can see the word "Fun" on it but you can spell it also like "Ζωή". Ζωή is a Greek word that means Life. So... life could be fun... fun is life! Take it as you want, feel it as you need!!!

Stop Motion
In between and after the painting of this canvas, I decided to make a stop motion video. I had some great help from my lovely Natasa Spinth, and we made this short story of this canvas. A canvas that would be painted and travel till the exhibition point. 800 frames in total, with an old Nikon D40.

After the motion, music walks on by! I asked from my friend Emi Path to compose an abstract music track for the video. She did great work and the last part was the sound design that i think, was really needed. I recorded some noises around and joined everything together. After some changes we ended up on this...

I really love it and hope you love it too.



close up!

...at Athens bike fest.

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