Wednesday, 26 October 2011


* see + hear = seear

A project with picture and sound same time based on words that you express. A great idea and a great combination of arts that ends up with an exhibition at a very cool place... Vrysaki (17 Vrysakiou, Plaka)!

"SEEAR playground
Το SEEAR project επιστρέφει για δεύτερη χρονιά και σας προσκαλεί να παίξετε!
33 εικαστικοί και μουσικοί ρώτησαν τον κόσμο για το αγαπημένο του παιχνίδι από την παιδική του ηλικία. 19 παιχνίδια μεταρέπονται σε οπτικοακουστικά έργα και παρουσιάζονται σε μια interactive έκθεση 11 με 13 Νοεμβρίου στο Βρυσάκι, Βρυσακίου 17, Πλάκα.
Party εγκαινίων την Παρασκευή 11 Νοεμβρίου στις 20.00.
Είσοδος ελεύθερη.

I take part as well but the thing is that i wont be at the opening of the exhibition cause i'm out of Greece for some weeks... hope you join it and have fun at the party with the support of Absolut Vodka.

Don't miss that...

For more information check the seear site:

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  1. " TC"....he has a " company in Maine?
    Or is this just hick Texas for boo?
    We are all sick to death of PEDOPHILES and their driven obsessions for children with COMES- COMIESS- COMIA- COMSTUL....and very articulate ,
    HANSEN is getting sick of it , too.
    And now they have the books on not only GEOLOGIE, but GE?
    KARL ROVE, who worked it for the UK, has been " OUTED " like TURNER by
    " SEEAR"...2012 is not going to be good year at all for OSIRIS- HYDRA-
    Just ask NYE.