Thursday, 4 October 2012

Athens Bike Festival 2 - Humans bestfriend

Humans best friend can not be everyone... but a bicycle could easily be!

This years Bike Art fest concept was quite strange for me... a true blink, a vision! I remember being at a friends place the time i saw a wrecked bicycle saddle that looked like a dog face and specific a lambrador dog face.

So... i took this saddle and i dismembered all the parts to clean them, scratch and paint them as new. Then i stick the parts together and put a new foam with leather to cover it. After that i paint the leather as a lambrador dog and i put some extra leather for the ears. The last part of this construction was the backround. A nice painted rim took a place at the back of the lambrador saddle and the typography "humans bestfriend" was made with metallic wire.

This construction participated at Athens bike festival - Bike art 2 in Technopolis Gazi. Hope all the bike lovers who visited the exhibition enjoy it...

...too much talking.

Check the process on your own and enjoy!

old rusty saddle

old rusty saddle parts

fresh painted


humans wire typography
paint process
painted parts

 --------------------------------------------------- exhbition --------------------------------------------------------


exhibition 1

exhibition view
exhibition girl

bikefest wire typography

boohaha wire typography

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