Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Mike Air

Mike Air is a new idea, an innovation project with Mike Chantziliadis on top, holding the ropes with the expertise of Cohete surfboards.

Mike air starts with a wakeskate project labeled with Mikes Chantziliadis face and a M. Jordans attitude. The name and the design of the logo are inspired by the Nikie, satirizing in a way. There are some additional logos surrounding Mike air, the "Mike air yeah!" logo and the "Mike air prototype" .

The wakeskate or maybe the "cassette deck" graphic came through collaboration between me and Mike Ch. and the basic idea is the feeling of the always loved oldschool times using tapes!!!

Check out on your own!

Mike air yeah! logo
Mike air prototype logo

Mike air poster
the tape idea!

the gang pose with the deck...
Marchelo Carvalho copyrights

Panteliz photography copyrights

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