Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Stefan Knopp

Hello people...

some old news in a fresh new years time!

And that goes to Stefans Knopp van, that we painted with Sonke and Tensa at Stroke - Urban Art fair in Munich, May 2012. To tell the truth, it was a pure luck that we met such a good guy like Stefan.
 He came alone from Austria with his white transporter to join the exhibition. We were fooling around the exhibition when we met Stefan and have some short talk. So... this conversation ended up between some beers and good vibrations. Stefan liked our way and our painting styles and he asked from the organization of Stroke to have a live show with his van been painted by Sonke, Tensa and me! The show took part the second day of the exhibition some meters far from the entrance! Good spot...

check out:



in action w/ Tensa one

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