Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Stroke Urban art fair 2012 (Munich)

As the story keeps on moving, we continue from the start...   What?

Simek one & Greg Papagrigoriou, good friends and great artists known as Blaqk had a call before one year from Germany to participate in Stroke - Urban art fair 2012 in Munich. When Blaqk announced that,  some friends and I liked the idea to see this exhibition. So we left Greece as a Greek mission to Munich... Blaqk, Sonke Tensa one, Tsutsu Brutsu and I. The truth is that the time we joined the Stroke we got mad with so much and good art and really wanted to take part in such organization no matter what!!!

Sonke made the connections and we ended up painting live at the open air of the exhibition. "The Mediterraneans"(me, Sonke, Scount, Blaqk) were there holding the place and painting till late night. Great experience between 10.000 visitors!!! I created also a canvas during these days... " The owl".

Thanks a lot to Blaqk for this opportunity!

check out:


The owl!
Mellow Sounds canvas
Mellow Sounds canvas detail

from left to right: Blaqk / Boohaha! / Scount / Sonke ... "The Mediterranean love"
Boohaha! + Sonke in live action

The Blaqk wall!!!
Sketching n' Drinking...
... so let the GOOD TIMES roll!!!

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